KC STV is an institute that represents a supporting environment for the implementation of various activities of the strategic consortium Technological Network Process Management Technology.

Basic activity

The basic activity of the institute is to provide the TVP Technology Network with the necessary environment for:

  • preparation of proposals for consortium research and development projects
  • coordinating the implementation of consortium research and development projects and joint tasks
  • cooperation in the implementation of developed technological solutions in which the network is a stakeholder.

Research group

In order to carry out its research and development activities, the Institute has registered with ARRS. It is entered in the register of research organizations under number 3639.

Institute authorities

The Institute’s bodies are the Institute’s Council and the Director.

  • The institute’s council consists of representatives of: founders, users – other members of the network and employees of the institute;
  • The director, as an individual body, performs the management function and the function of managing the professional work of the institution. The director of the institution is dr. Zoran Marinšek