The aim of the multi-annual programme “GOSTOP – Building blocks, tools and systems for the factories of the future”, 2016-2020, was to gather Slovenian innovation knowledge and experience from the industrial and academic spheres in order to speed up digitization and automation  in Slovenian manufacturing companies and rank Slovenia among the reputable providers of products, technologies and services for factories of the future. The programme was carried out by thirteen research groups from Slovenian production companies together with six research organizations, among them nine members of the CC ACT.

The basic goal of the programme was to implement the concept of smart factories in Slovenian manufacturing companies, which ensures higher efficiency, competitiveness and product quality in Slovenian manufacturing companies. The simultaneous goal was also the development of new components, technologies and services that are necessary for production in the digitized factories of the future. We were looking for a critical mass of knowledge and experience, especially in technological fields that already have certain comparative advantages in Slovenia today and have real possibilities for implementation of Slovenian knowledge in the world as well. These fields are primarily systems control technologies (automation, informatization and cybernetics), robotics, toolmaking and photonics.

Some results of the GOSTOP program

Completely automated final quality control of electric motors at Domel d.o.o.
Testing the operation of the elements of the "Voice&Vision" system to support work in warehouses
ME-RTU 4G LTE unit
Visualization of the current production conditions on the production line at Kolektor
Unit for final quality control of drives for electric bikes of the Pedelec type BCM-925
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