Local energy community as small hydrogen valleysustainable and green energy

Local energy community (LEC) with integrated hydrogen systems (H2LEC), connected to the grid, is an ecosystem with joint values and objectives and a subsystem in energy supply system; in it, hydrogen plays the vital role of balancing local production and consumption – a small hydrogen valley.

LEC represents a virtual socio-economic region-oriented system based on community values and thus engaging initiative, innovation and investment of local actors, in particular new technology start-ups and younger generations.

Stakeholder Session Agenda:

  • Demonstration Example of H2LEC in the making in Wunsiedel, Germany
  • H2LEC as subsystem in vertically structured energy system
  • Green Hydrogen prosumer – the necessary building block to optimize the system
  • Decentralized onsite hydrogen production planning and testing


  • Mr.Gerhard Meindl, SWW StaadtWerk Wunsiedel, Germany
  • Mr.Sašo Brus, CEO, RENN Solutions d.o.o., Slovenia
  • Mr.Zoran Marinšek, PhD, CEO; Competence center for Advanced Control Technologies, Slovenia
  • Mrs. Martina Wettin, Partner, Nilsson Energy, Sweden


  •  Mr.Bart Biebuyck, CEO, Clean Hydrogen Partnership


Admission to virtual session on  24.4.2023 from 09:30 -11:00 is free of charge, but attendants are obliged to register before the session. Registration is opened until 07.04. 2023 !

LEC with integrated hydrogen systems Sustainable. Green. Local.