Control Technology makes things work

Advanced automation, informatics and cybernation

Control technology: knowledge, tools and buildings blocs for control and supervision of systems and processes

Control technology in problem domains:

  • control in advanced factories
  • control for smart, green and efficient energy and cleaner environment
  • control of intelligent buildings, communities and cities
  • embedded control systems
  • control of demanding scientific/experimental systems

Launch of an international project in the Euratom / EUROfusion programme

8. January 2015 at 15:25

In 2015, our partners Jožef Stefan Institute and Cosylab started an international project entitled “Fast Model Predictive Control for Magnetic Plasma Control”, which is financed under the Euratom / EUROfusion as a Horizon 2020 complementary research programme for nuclear research and training. The aim of the project is to develop an explicit predictive controller for plasma shape control in tokamak fusion reactor. ... More


Class conference 2014

7. October 2014 at 17:58

On 25th and 26 th of October Class 2014 conference was held on Bled, Slovenia. First day of the conference was dedicated to Slovene Cloud Ecosystem and Slovene Smart Specialization. Second day of the conference was dedicated to Cloud Computing trends and key challenges in Europe.  
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